Thanks everyone…

Thanks everyone, we’ve received some amazing feedback in the last few months and the response for MyOrangeSlate is overwhelming. We’re sure this is going to prove a new and better way to learn for thousands of students across the country. 

We’re going to launch a new Campus Corner in the months to come. Stay tuned!


A new way to learn

At MyOrangeSlate, we do not feed you with end results and conclusion while you listen passively. Learning is iterative, every discovery is made after going through several points and lines of thinking until eventually the conclusion becomes obvious.

If we shared only the conclusions in our lectures, you would retain much lesser. Thats why we try and ensure that every formula, every shortcut, every technique is presented in a way that makes you discover the techniques on your own! Its a great way to learn!

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Life at IIM Indore


For a start, the campus is very beautiful and calm, the climate is pleasant, and somehow almost everyone seems to have a brilliant and refreshing sense of humour to life.

The curriculum is very interesting , the classes are fun, and it’s easier to focus during the lecture because of the excellent infrastructure provided. The emphasis in the assignments is on team-work, and also, because of the Enrons and Satyams, there is a huge focus on ethics in the curriculum.

Surprise quizzes are an essential element of the culture and the daily lives there and that really ensures that students do their pre-reading before any class as well as pay attention during the classes. (But we HATED these quizzes, and they happen so frequently they’re hardly worth being called surprises.)

Everything is well organized and there’s a lot of discipline imparted which surely proves to be good in the long run. And obviously the students are high-quality.


Although all the teachers are superstars on their resumes, not all of them are that adept at passing on their knowledge.

The students aren’t from very diverse backgrounds with mainly engineers making up the batch. (They’re really working on changing this nowadays)

Lastly, the city is very far and so you’re really isolated from the rest of the world.


It really can get very hectic sometimes! (One of my seniors put it best: There are days when you wake up feeling that to crack CAT was the biggest mistake of your life ! ) High stress level is an important ingredient in the training.

And ya, the word “surprise” totally loses its positive connotation.

What is My Orange Slate?

Learning should be exciting, simple, accessible, and fun! We at MyOrangeSlate have a commitment to ensure that your learning be just that.

With over 25 courses to choose from, exciting new techniques to learn for problem solving, and a simple yet incredibly effective learning structure; MyOrangeSlate is set to redefine education for you.

And you don’t have to do it alone! Create your own classroom with friends across the country, and interact and learn as you would in any classroom.

There’s a whole lot more that you can explore. We welcome you to – to learn the way you always wanted.