CATching up with CAT 2012

THE CAT is underway, and as usual it does throw in a surprise – i.e. absence of any surprises, at least for all of you who have been following MyOrangeSlate or preparing with our content partner FuturiSM! The question types or the structure have largely been standard in the first five days of CAT, the difficulty level has been easy to medium, and the process of taking CAT has been as elaborate as years before.

In quants, a couple of applications in Base Notations have been found to be innovative. The rest have been quite on the expected line. Though the need for analysis has once again been underlined by CAT. As it has always been with CAT, students are expected to analyze the data in context and find an approach – one could not fit in many questions in standard formulae or standard approaches. Ability to think out of the box has once again been rewarded in CAT – Something that we have been vouching for through all the CATabilities presented to you. The test has been focusing on different areas in different slots – thus you would do well not to ignore any aspect of your preparation for quants.

Data Interpretation has been a little calculative, with distinct stress on caselets as against graphs and charts in some slots. Approximation has helped students in some cases.

Verbal Ability Section too has largely been on expected lines, with 2 to 3 questions on ‘Word Usage’ posing serious challenge to students. RC passages have been of 500 to 600 words length, with diverse topics. One particular type of question – Paragraph Completion has come with a variant: Information Completion in at least one slot. Most slots have had 10 to 11 questions on RC and 9 to 10 questions on logical reasoning. Logical Reasoning questions have been a little tricky too.

Given this composition of the test, the agenda for MyOrangeSlate students who are yet to take CAT becomes:

Completely go through the study material on ‘Word Usage’
The lists on Phrasal Verbs in Preposition Chapter of English Usage Book
Verbal Phrases in English Usage book
RC Exercise book – at least the first 10 exercises
Data Construction & Analytical Reasoning Exercises
Sectional Tests, Chapter Tests, TWITs, Revision Tests on Quants
Remaining CATability Tests
With the CAT maintaining its intriguing nature, be better prepared to batter the CAT!


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