CAT 2012: A perspective

Thinking within the box is as important as thinking out of the box!

Out-of-The-Box thinking – a celebrated cliché is passé for CAT; thinking within the box has, now, become as important , if not more, as thinking out of the box. CAT maintaining a conventional structure and regularly referred question types has necessitated reflecting on the program learning and all the practice questions solved in tests. While of course there still are questions that require you think of creative application of concepts, they are few. Yet, if you are among the nerds not willing to settle for anything less than 99.5+ percentile; put your thinking hat on before you go for CAT.

In Verbal questions, the first response is usually more right than the next; in Quants, the first response is usually less right than the next!

Is ‘more right’ right? Well, Uh…!

You get me what I want to say. In verbal question rely on your instinct, in Quant questions, rely on your reason. Language is a matter you could sense! Is language a matter, by the way? Precisely! There is little material about language, and hence it is grasped more by senses than by mind. Feel and respond. Rely on our instinct! But when instinct fails you, reason surely is the next best option!

Quants is all about reasoning – a material aspect of life. Unless there is a reason, there cannot be an outcome. Find the true reason and you have the correct outcome. Rely on your knowledge, and on your analytical skills; think within the box or out of the box – but do think. Think twice before embarking on solution – there always is a better way of doing things – particularly if you have taken TWITs and analyzed CATabilities.

Are You Good! OR Are You Good Enough!

It does not matter as long as you do not think of it! When your being good is matter of knowledge, and not of your belief; you stop wondering whether you are good. It’s more about the state of mind you take to the exam hall. Twice that I took CAT and scored 99.97%-ile and 99.99%-ile; I went with a conviction that I had sufficient time to answer all the questions, and I had sufficient knowledge to get all my answers correct. I never planned to get a single question wrong! Who does, then? Well mind you, everyone does! People ask me “How many should I attempt?” Or “What would be a good score?” Why not all that is there up for grab? I, of course, did not score 100%, but could score what best I could have in any circumstances! The best of Me!

Go! Go Ahead and Get All That Is There! Be The Best You Can Be!!! [In the mean time we will busy ourselves preparing for RIGOR – Your GD-PI Preparation!]


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