A day at XLRI

A typical day at XLRI starts with the deafening knock at the door by wing mates announcing 10min to the morning 9 am class. This is obviously followed by the sprint to the classroom with something eatable in one hand (if you are lucky) and a notebook in the other! If made in time for the very crucial first five min of attendance, you pass a winning smile to your batch mates who have been sitting there already, otherwise, get ready to get those fingers being pointed at you to tell a tale of your misery!

The break at 10:30 am is well utilized at the small Dadu’s store in the campus who sells everything to help you wake up for the next class. Classes give way to the lazy afternoon where everyone is in a lookout for time for siesta. The few unlucky professors, who get the afternoon slots, spend half their time punishing and scolding the sleeping beauties.
The setting sun is greeted by the football enthusiasts, lively badminton court, gym visitors and the lot who treads to the yoga classes. The offices get shut for the day and the hostel life begins to ooze energy and get ready to work on assignments, quizzes etc. This is the perfect time to plan out parties and sharing the gossips over tea. XL ki kudiyan can be easily sighted in groups giggling, chattering and some even running towards the inhospitable regions of sport complex!

After 10pm the campus becomes lively with people queuing at BishuDa the night canteen and tapping their feet at the beats of the Bodhi tree (music band of XL) practicing in the same building. All the green benches in front of MT (the girl’s hostel) are now occupied with groups both working and enjoying the moments of MBA. The famous meeting joints like JLT (just like that, a lawn), Bodhi Tree, XL Dhaba etc. are all brimming with life.

This is the time when all the committees at campus schedule their events to attract maximum participation of the lively junta. The night extends to 4 am after which the campus gets into the comforts of their bed being happy and satisfied for the bonds they developed and the super time they have at XL! After all, MBA at XLRI is a lot more than a glamorous job; it’s about bonding and understanding our own people.

-Submitted by Sakshi Rastogi, a second year student at XLRI Jamshedpur.


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