The world is my oyster. Go out there and pry it open. Of course what you dream is always much more difficult to achieve.

People say that dreams do come true and yes you too must believe it too. But try to understand the essential price that any dream exacts from the dreamer.

A dream is a step away from reality, that one fantasy that always promises to turn real. Just that it is still unreal when it is a dream.

A dream promises, and hence raises expectations. A dream allows you to see a version of the future, and like all versions of the future no one can Guarantee it happening – that is, no one except the being called ‘me’.

A dream is a clarion call to the real entity inside you, to come out and prove itself beyond all odds. A dream asks you to wake up, to reinvent yourself, to understand, to strive, to push harder.

A dream is a challenge, a distant mirage that can turn into an oasis only if you have to courage to continue walking towards it when you begin feeling that it is nothing but illusion. A dream hence is the start of a lot of things, things that you have to kick-start in many cases. A dream is a start of a new life, a new ever-fresh beginning.

So dreams sometimes scare people. It is easy to stumble upon the rich gold vein but to have the patience to stake it for years requires a conviction that separates the men from the boys. That is what a dream is – to see your goal and know you have to get there. Disappointments are but natural but resilience in spite of it is what again makes real dreamers special.

The point is – continue dreaming but also comprehend the responsibility that it hands down to you. Great powers call for great responsibilities and a dream is a great power.

So here’s an ode to all those dreamers out there. DREAM!

 -Raman Choudhury

(The author is our ex-student and XAT achiever.

He went on to get the gold-medal in the 2011 batch of XLRI  Jamshedpur-PM&IR.
He was also the gold-medalist at NIT Surat in computer engineering, and currently works in TATA Administrative Services- TAS)


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