Most of us pursuing Science careers end up at this point where we have two starkly different career choices and still we wonder where to go! Given our Indian mentality to play it safe, we end up preparing for both at times. Well I was one of such a lot, ended up reaching the last level of IISC Bangalore selection process for their PhD program. At which point I made my decision to let it go…

People come and go but this situation remains the same and I get queries from my juniors at undergrad college and my friends about the same. It is tough to ask to our teachers and peers as we are ashamed that we don’t really know what we want. Actually we ourselves are amazed that we face this confusion where we understand that the two paths are awfully different and we just need to know what we want. But living in a developing country with limited lucrative career options, and the way things happened for the few people we know, quite influence our mind and we tend to give in to this situation in our helplessness!

Well, there is no one answer to the question, but I will like to say that don’t be hesitant to pursue what you really want, that is in case if you know it!

For others like me, I have a small solution, first decide on what does your decision depend on- like future life, money, time for family, kind of work, etc.

For instance – if it is future life, then look at what kind of life do the two options lead to, by talking to people in the field or by reading about it. 

To put it in perspective, MBA does make life busy & glamorous though very taxing. It gives you all the accessories to live life king size but doesn’t give you the time to do the same! It makes you quite resourceful but you seldom end up using the resources for yourself. If you happen to be a person who can work wonders under pressure then this might be it!

On the other hand, MS makes you have a career where you earn enough and have enough time. You have a balanced life overall and mostly end up out of India if you do it from a good college. You have to get a job outside India as you need to pay for the loan you took for doing MS, and if you happen to develop passion in your field you might end up doing a PhD. All this just builds you for your own personal satisfaction- the Indian society gives no particular social value to MS so far for a simple reason that it is not commercialized in India as yet.  

– Submitted by Sakshi Rastogi, second year student at XLRI Jamshedpur


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