SNAP it up!

Symbiosis National Aptitude Test – The gateway to seventeen Symbiosis colleges for post graduate studies – is to be held on 16th December, 2012. The test is divided in four sections, with 150 questions and 180 marks, to be answered in 120 minutes. GD-PI Call cut-offs last year were as follows: SIBM: 91.75, SCMHRD: 84.50, SIIB: 80.00.

While the test is known to be a little respite from the grueling exams like CAT, IIFT and XAT; one must remember that the respite is just ‘a little’. The competition for the coveted B-Schools in Symbiosis stable remains as cut-throat as it is for any other leading B-School. Individual questions, being relatively easy, offer only some psychological comfort to the test takers. While in CAT, 40 net correct questions in 140 minutes can fetch an IIM call; in SNAP one needs a minimum of 100 net correct attempts in 120 minutes to get an invite from SIBM.

Yet, with paper based examination having four sections, and with reasoning questions carrying two marks per question; one can surely strategize better from SNAP than any other exam. One may choose to devote different time to sections depending on one’s skill-set. Thus, you ought to know your skill-set thoroughly well. You may decide to focus more on the areas of your strength. But well, when you treat a test area – say verbal – your strength, why would you need more time to answer questions in that section?! Coming to the point – since you have approximately 48 seconds per questions, 40 questions in area of your choice should be answered in 30 minutes flat – of course with very good accuracy (- if you were already thinking of how many you should get right!). The area that you dread most – may be 20% more time and 25% fewer questions i.e. in 35 minutes, up to 30 attempts.

Remember, General Awareness and Logical & Analytical Reasoning sections should be classified as Area of Choice or the Dreaded Area. General Awareness would give you those additional minutes you allotted to the dreaded area; and Reasoning section consisting of 2 mark questions becomes a must attempt section. You can safely consume up to 35 minutes for 30 questions in Logical and Analytical Reasoning, leaving you 20 minutes to do justice to the General Awareness section.

It normally being a speed test, what you must ensure is moving through the test steadily; rather than spending too much time on a question or a set or a section.

Disclaimer: The pattern discussed here and suggestions made are based on previous year test pattern. We suggest you read the instructions carefully, apprise yourself of the structure well before you start the test, and be flexible in your strategy.

-Hasmukh Agrawal

(The author is the Chief Mentor at


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