Stop Thinking, Start Doing!

There are numerous instances where we wish to turnoff to the world of deadlines and competition and escape to give ourselves peace and relaxation. Instead of doing and performing we start questioning ‘why’, we turn to the past and start contemplating what led me to this mess! More often than not, this leads us to states of more and more dissatisfaction and agony. It takes a toll on our present and is dangerous to our future as well. 

To all such great thinkers like me, I have to say “Stop thinking and start doing!” We live a moment just once in our lifetime, it is on us how well we spend it. We might utilize it building our abilities, learning new things, practicing our virtues or might as well waste it cribbing and idling. The choice my friend is always ours. 

Life shall be full of opportunities for those who look for it & grab it and shall be a tough terrain for those who look at the hurdles before they decide their goal. As told to us by our parents/teachers that the Arjun in Mahabharata did not see the fish but its eye! 

We all have this tendency to get deluged in the sea of options and wait for some light from the almighty to show us the way. I say, take a plunge and find out! Act, do and understand what is for you and what is not. Thinking and brooding over past seldom yields results, one should be full of activities for the day and utilize every moment that life has offered!

– Sakshi Rastogi
The author is a second year student at XLRI, Jamshedpur


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