An Answer to all the “What-If’s”

Nearly a decade ago, we used to think what if I get everything I desire with the clicks of few buttons… And here comes the time when this has come true with the advent of numerous online portals. Be it tangibles like food items or intangibles like education, all you need to do is find out which service is tailor made to your needs and there you have it. All those “What if’s” have now materialized, what is left is for us to take full advantage of these options!

For mortals like us, the very solution to our problems stares at us in the form of online education portals, which brings to us the ‘best’ coaching resources, sitting in the comforts of our room. Neither you have to get stuck in traffic jam while commuting to the coaching centers nor have you to carry the big workbooks to your place! You don’t even need to fight the battle with your boss to leave early for the classes, just log in to the portal and thy shall be deluged in the sea of knowledge! These portals get you the best faculty at the click of the mouse and fit to the size of your pocket comfortably!

We see through these portals that technology has stealthily climbed ahead and it is possible to replicate on the internet the entire experience of a classroom, and give a single point solution to interact with faculty and students. For all the professional examinations like CAT, GMAT, GATE, XAT etc. most of the time we are well acquainted with the bare basic knowledge that is actually required to be taught in the classroom (like in schools), the tricks of the trade can be easily and more effectively absorbed online at one’s own pace!

-Sakshi Rastogi
2nd year student at XLRI, Jamshedpur


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