GD/PI tips

After the results for the written exams are declared, we tend to go into deliberations about whether or not we will get calls and start to Google the answers and hunt for that algorithm which has worked so far. 

Well, take a break from this frantic search and just wait for the calls to come in, as there has been always one term to describe the calls, “random”!

And now when you have at least one call from the institute of your dream then get set go to convert it and book a ticket in the destination you have longed for. Just for clarifications, getting many calls in no way increases the probability of getting selected, as, my friend, everything in this world is subjective! So, no need to celebrate many calls or deliberate over your single call of this race season. Just pack your other work for a few days and plunge yourself into the GD/PI preparation as if it is the only thing left worthwhile in your life.

A few suggestions to take note while you sit for preparing for the GDs:

• Current debatable topics are a ‘must prepare’
• Start looking at both sides of any topic (because for a manager this skill is held in high importance)
• Try to be very professional in your speaking style and while expressing your views
• Be polite and firm at the same time
• Prepare facts very well as they form the logic of the arguments you shall give
• Fluency in English and speaking correct English is vital here
• Mind your gestures, they should not be rude or intrusive into other’s personal space
• Try to participate evenly throughout and also give chance to others
• If you run out of valid points, try to add a new dimension to the discussion

Though there is no formula for success here but the above steps shall make it sure that there is no reason to reject! Some institutes also ask for Essay writing and hence inculcating a habit of writing in paper and pen is very essential. Handwriting should be legible and well-spaced and the pace of writing and thinking should be well coordinated. All this comes with daily timed practice.

The next step is the dreaded interview which takes life out of almost all the candidates!

Below are some must have’s for the Personal Interview-
• Know about the institute and the place it is situated in, for which you are giving the interview
• Know about the state as well as city to which you belong to and in which you have studied (which may or may not be different)
• Know about at least 2-3 subjects quite well from your graduation 
• Know about your goals very clearly and manage to rope in the institute and the course (MBA) in it very well
• Know about current affairs and have opinions on the burning issues 
• Know about the management subjects already studied as a part of your graduation
• Know about evolution of the Indian Economy (from 1991 liberalization to the present scenario in brief)
• For girls especially: Know about some successful business women and their journey
• Be prepared for questions like “Tell me about yourself” and “Why should we choose you”, prepare an answer covering a range of points and delve into the details only when asked

All the Best!

-Sakshi Rastogi
(XLRI – 2nd year student)


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