Blossom like a flower, in this garden of life

A young girl, unaccustomed to the bizarre intricacies of life had a heart full of numerous dreams. Audacious and intrepid, ready to explore any venture in life, she walked by a road, looking at the world around her. She relished looking at the new faces around her, trying to figure out what was working in their mind. Each day as she walked past the road, she came across people hurrying past the crowded roads, some with a smile while others with a resent. To her dismay, the number of begrudged faces always far exceeded the number of appeased faces. Each day she used to speculate the reasons for a person’s resent. Trying her best to figure out what is the cause of their dissatisfaction. At such tender an age, she couldn’t understand the complexities around her. What she was aware of, was just one fact, that she wanted to be something big in life. She wanted to be called an achiever. She wanted all her dreams to be fulfilled. She wished to see everyone blossom like a flower in this garden of life, but she wasn’t aware:
If we want to blossom like a flower in this garden of life,
We must learn the art of adjusting our life with thorns.

Time passed by. Now she was a grown up girl, more experienced, more mature.Her heart still full of copious dreams, few accomplished and many lined up. Walking past the same road she now was aware that world is a big rat race. Everyone is running in a marathon with a perpetual attempt to beat the fellow sprinter, ready to add another victory to his name. Her childhood apprehensions were now answered. She now knew the reasons for people’s aversion. To survive in this competitive world isn’t an easy task. It is an extended endeavor to make one reach the top. This fact is conspicuous to most of the people, but still there are very few people who succeed in their pursuit. Why? And which are these exiguous groups of people? The key to success is possessed by the ones who know how to maintain a balance in their life. Who can handle, all, the situations of failure, struggle and success equally well. Without losing the smile on their face. Who are aware of the fact that the key does not lie in antipathy, it lies in hard-work, in interminable tussle. Who know, I would repeat,
If we want to blossom like a flower in this garden of life,
We must learn the art of adjusting our life with thorns.

Learning from these instances, she had always been an eager beaver, always particular about her records and behaviour. She wanted to be an I.A.S Officer. She worked diligently all the year around. The big day finally came. She appeared in the exam. But destiny didn’t favour her, she didn’t succeed. But she did not give up. She was determined to succeed in the endeavour of her life and come what may, she has to give wings to her dreams. Another year, she worked very hard. Prepared well throughout the year but when the exam date was near, she met with an accident. It is rightly said- Your destiny rules you. But she still didn’t give up. She recovered and started preparing once again. This time even her family and friends didn’t support her. But it was for her never say die attitude that her fate had to bend in front of her. She gave her exam this time and came with flying colurs. She now is a reputed Officer and everyone around her to proud of her. She still walks past the same road, but is proud to be one of those very few content people.

That’s life!!!

How do you wish to go about it? With a resent or be content? The choice is yours.

Thanks for reading it through. My sole reason for writing this post was to make anyone reading this realize the importance of their life. We should understand that the mighty God has send us with huge potentials, for us, to make the most out of our lives. Rather than being discontented, we should duly try to look for our hidden potentials and use them beneficially. Try to realize the drift of each moment in your life. Give wings to your dreams. Life’s a glorious gift, make it’s relevance. After all you’re one in a million.

With that note, it’d like to sum up, wishing you a wonderful year and life. May you have a blessed world. See you soon. 🙂

– Diksha Bajaj
The author is pursuing her MBA at Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode.