I’ll put it bluntly. Whenever anyone asks me “Wow, what’s life at an IIM like?” the first word that comes into my mind is “hectic”. In fact I get so bored using that same word over and over that I’m starting to look for synonyms. Yes, they teach you what hard work really means. But you learn to embrace it and make it a way of life.

The daily routine at an IIM can defy logic sometimes. You can have classes from 9:00 in the morning till 6:00 in the evening, 3 quizzes of which 2 are surprise, a case study, another quiz and a project report for the next day and still say “That’s it, right? Nothing else?”. Chuckle. But it isn’t as bad as it sounds. We actually learn to enjoy it.

When I first started off here, in IIM Kozhikode, I’ll admit I was petrified. The first week of induction at the hands of our seniors was nightmarish. But it helped stupendously in the long run to cope up with a similar pressure from our professors.

However, studies aren’t the only thing happening here on campus. It’s just a small fraction! The real life begins once the clock strikes midnight. Committees, interest groups, clubs to nurture your passions, management competitions, a lot of teamwork, and not to mention parties… everything blossoms here at night. The campus never sleeps. Your body clock soon loses orientation of night and day- something your worried folks back home take a while to understand. You can operate with great efficiency with just 4 or 5 hours of sleep. That’s the magic the campus plays on you.

But some days when you wake up all mechanical, ready and energised for work you realise you have nothing to do… no assignments, quizzes, cases and so on. The satisfaction and joy is beyond anything you have ever experienced. They are few and scattered and hence you cherish them even more. It is days like these that you value each moment and you stop to look around you. And believe me, the IIMK campus is unimaginably scenic and such heavenly beauty deserves to have at least a few admirers musing over her while she gloats in the glory of her own narcissism. But alas, admirers she has many but none with any more time than to glance at her, sigh in longing, and walk away just to plunge back into the dark abyss to resume the rat race. The monsoon clouds in her painted skies rumble with tears but can’t elicit any more a response except a promising upward craning of 60-odd necks from a classroom- “Soon, my pretty! Once the mid-terms are over…” At night her wispy clouds glide through the campus, running through our hair, caressing our face in a futile attempt to seduce us away from our daily routine. As sad as this may sound, once it’s all over our joys know no bounds when we run straight into Nature’s arms. There is no experience more ecstatic than walking through clouds descended upon the hills and watching the sun rise early morn. It keeps us going.


-Shrinwanti Banerjee
The author is pursuing MBA from IIM-Kozhikode



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